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Quer aumentar a sua auto estima?
Quer se sentir maravilhosa?
Quer congelar o tempo, mas, morre de vergonha?
O momento é agora!!! Sinta-se realizada fazendo um ensaio fotográfico, e do jeitinho que você sempre quis.


Coffee Break is a minimal, responsive, business coming soon / landing page HTML5 template based on Bootstrap 3.

  • Easy to customize

    Create your website in minutes! Designed with ease of customization as main objective. You will love it!

  • Unique design

    Distinct yourself with this unique template. Show world your best with this modern, slick & smooth concept.

  • Fast and reliable

    Perfection in every aspect. We've spend extra time making sure every part of Coffee Break works and looks as expected.


In a jungle of concrete somewhere in Europe, raw men work hard doing one of the world’s most dangerous jobs – selling templates on ThemeForest. This extremely ruthless but satisfying effort is driven by passion and will help move forward your ideas. Against all odds, brave men risk their lives to craft beautiful stuff.

John Doe designer
James Doe developer


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